Processing of Craglia Marmi Group's Marble

The history of the Craglia Group has been characterized since 1963 by important and continuous investments from a technological point of view, which make Craglia Group companies among the few realities in the Italian landscape with a totally internalized and autonomous production.

Cutting of rough block

In Tolentino's historic factory, the company can count on cutting-edge machineries throughout the production chain, starting with modern equipment for blocks cutting, such as five gangsaw machines for marbles, travertines and limestones, diamond multiwire machine for granites and sandstones, two monoblade machines and two singlewire machines for the finishing of the blocks.

The machining of the surfaces of the raw slabs is done through two new polishing lines that allow any kind of finishing to the material, especially for subsequent use in flooring and interior finishes and furnishings such as polishing, sanding and sanding Satin finish, a modern resin line machine for more fragile and delicate materials, a flaming and bushhammering line machine for the creation of specific surfaces for the production of outdoor workpieces.

Marbles with endless finishes by natural water erosion

A special and sophisticated machinery called Waterstone, present in one of the plants, is used to create a unique finish through the natural erosion caused by water on any type of material, the continuous action of a drop of water with very high pressure to digest even the toughest rocks, creating truly extraordinary shapes and colors, the use of this technology coupled with the knowledge of stone products dictated by years of experience, allows to create on the surface of infinite finishing materials, providing results different in relation to the same material used; The perfect combination of factors such as water pressure, handling speed, the use of specific sands and granules, as well as the knowledge of the chemical-chromatic properties of the material, give surprising results, the materials thus treated, are suitable for any type of use, from internal or external floorings to coatings and furnishings, resulting in a major turning point in the use of stone products.

Finished and semi-finished production of marble

In recent years, a laboratory specializing in the production of finished and semi-finished products of all types of material, consisting of bridge mills, cnc machines, water cutting machines, and a specific production line machine for flooring and coatings, this decision has been taken in order to give our customers transformers, architectural designers and general contractors around the world a full services 360°.

Craglia Group contacts

The Craglia Group has been working in the stone industry since 1963, affirming itself in Italy and abroad for the great variety of marbles, granites, limestones, onyx and travertines from different countries around the world.

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